Monthly Archives: September 2014

Toy Story!

Next week we will be writing stories staring our very own favourite cuddly toy!

Our toy will be lost and found, just like the special toy dog we have been sharing a story about this week.

If possible, could you please take a small photograph of your child’s favourite cuddly and send it into school as soon as you are able. Black and white is fine.
Thank you.


Colourful Creations

The children used the powder paints to create some colourful pictures this week.
They practiced their colour mixing skills and marvelled at the colours that could be made mixing any combination of red, yellow or blue.
They discovered that if you mixed the three colours together, then a muddy, brown colour emerged!

To be as successful as they were, the children needed to really concentrate and spend time mixing the paint to the consistency of creamy yoghurt.

We are all looking forward to seeing the pictures on display in the classroom!




Tubes Needed please!

We will be starting our new topic entitled ” Wild Weather”next week. As part of the topic we will be making model lighthouses.
Could you please send in kitchen roll tubes as they become available.
Eventually we will need two per child. One for the final product and one for working out different ways to make it stand alone!
I am busy collecting also , so don’t worry if you never have them.
Thank you.

This week!

Firstly, thank you for all the support you have given your child with their key skills. It has been lovely to see all the ways the children recorded their work and there were some great photographs too!

This week we experienced being “playground astronauts” during our ICT lesson. The children “travelled” from different planets to the sun (hoops laid out on the playground!) and wrote sets of instructions to indicate how many steps forward or turns they made. We learned that sets of instructions used in computing are called algorithms.

Back in the classroom the children created wrote algorithms to direct a mole through a maze so he could catch a worm!

Welcome to Year 2 Ennis Blog!

It has been lovely to welcome the children to Year 2.
All the children have been working hard to remember where their pegs, drawers, pens, pencils etc etc live in their new classroom!

The children have brought home their Key Skills books today.
The tasks are “layered” so that the children can work progressively through the stages of a task; completing some or all of the stages set.

Spellings will be “tested” first thing on a Friday morning. All we ask is that the children do their best and we do not want them ( or you) to worry unduly if they don’t know them all!

I look forward to seeing you at the “meet the teacher” evening next week to provide you with more information about year, 2 but please do not hesitate to ask before then if you have any questions at all.