Monthly Archives: October 2014

A Windy Day

Lots of the children said they would like to learn more about the wind when we first began discussing our topic theme of “Wild Weather.”

This week gave us the perfect opportunity! On Tuesday the children talked about hurricanes and how the tail end of hurricane Gonzalo was bringing such wild weather to Northampton. On Wednesday we looked at how the Beaufort scale is used to show the speed of the wind. The children then made their own creations to check how strongly the wind was blowing.

They had great fun testing them!
Some creations worked better than others. I wonder why?





The children spend an hour a week with Mrs Wise developing their music skills. Today they experienced singing both as a group and individually. The children were also copying, creating and tapping out their own rhythms using the claves.

I heard some super singing ! We’ll done everyone.


The children have been very busy writing the beginning, middle and end of their stories about the lost toy this week. They showed excellent concentration and the pictures you so kindly sent in were a real help.

There has also been some super “Lost” posters sent in with the children’s key skills. We have really enjoyed reading them and the drawings and photographs on each one were delightful.

Over the next few weeks we will be using the “Lighthouse Keeper” series of books as the stimulus for our literacy and theme work.
Please keep the kitchen roll tubes coming in as work on constructing a lighthouse will begin shortly!