Life for a Victorian Child

“Epic” “Awesome” “Brilliant”
were just some of the phrases the children suggested we wrote on the museum evaluation sheet!

As you can see from their responses, the children really had a most enjoyable morning at the museum in Abington Park.

The highlight for all of us was the delightful story of Annie, a seven year old girl, who worked as a maid during Victorian times. She hoped to see Queen Victoria when she was visiting Northampton but…..

The children can tell you the rest of Annie’s story.

Katherine, the museum guide, brought the story to life beautifully by letting the children experience the chores Annie had to perform as a maid in a rich persons house.

Katherine left us with a question, which would you prefer to do- go to school or work like Annie did?

Here are some photos showing the jobs a small girl like Annie had to do to earn her penny a week.






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