Monthly Archives: February 2015

Victorian Day

What a marvellous day we had on Wednesday.

Victorian maids, chimney sweeps, urchins, and even Queen Victoria came to school.

The children looked superb in their outfits, which really helped them to get into their roles as Victorian children. (Many thanks parents for all your hard work in sourcing the outfits.)

The day started with a hand and nail inspection followed by using ” slates”  and chalk to produce our best handwriting, using a very tricky and curly old- fashioned style! Snack was dry muffin and we learned about the  Muffin Man who lived down Dury Lane.  “Drill” replaced playtime and exercise was performed in rows and with everyone copying their teacher.

In the afternoon we played traditional games like marbles and spinning hoops using a stick before having a go at cross stitch.

The children learned that school teachers in Victorian times were very strict and no one wanted to wear the dunces cap!

Penguin Small

Children, tell me your thoughts on the book Penguin Small.

What are you enjoying about the story?
What do you think is going to happen next?
Have you read any other books that are written and illustrated by Mick Inkpen?
What have you noticed about his style of illustrations?
Does he always have some large fold out pages in his books?
Why do you think he does this?

Post a comment so we can share your ideas in class.