Monthly Archives: March 2015

WKWHS. Ye End!

What an exciting week we have had. 

The children completed their paintings of the galleon, used their best Kinetic letters to produce part of their story about the adventures of Sir Simon for display and accompanied their writing with a pencil illustration. 

Every child should be deservedly proud of the excellent work they produced and which was displayed at the Art Gallery evening on Thursday. The concentration, perseverance and commitment shown by the children was outstanding. Well done everybody and thank you to all those who were able to come along. 


During assembly today we learned what had happened to Lady Arabella and watched a marvellous You Tube clip of the ensuing celebrations to mark her return.

Children, have you told your parents about the end of Simon’s adventure and the video we enjoyed of the celebrations?  Make sure you do!

Happy Easter everyone. Have a relaxing and enjoyable holiday.



Wizards, Unicorns, Knights, Dragons!

On Monday afternoon the children split into their houses and worked in groups containing children from across Reception and Year 1 and 2. 

The children played together and shared ideas about life in medieval times!

What would it be like to live in a castle or have to slay a dragon to become a knight?

What did you enjoy doing with the children from your house group?


What an exciting couple of weeks we have had.

Our “When a Knight Won His Spurs” topic began with dancing and feasting to celebrate Simon becoming a knight and winning his Spurs.

At the celebratory banquet, Simon’s dear friend Lady Arabella suddenly disappeared!

 In our classroom, the children have spent time sharing and collecting ideas to help solve the mystery of Arabella’s disappearance!  We have used drama to explore objects that are precious to Simon and to help imagine what it was like on board the galleon Simon set sail on in search of his friend.

All these activities are helping to inspire our writing.

 Children what do you think happened to Lady Arabella? How can Simon save her?

Blog your thoughts!

Children, please comment on what you thought about our Victorian topic (ike we talked about in class).

What did you enjoy learning about the most?

What helped you with your learning?

What would you like to have learned about that we didn’t cover?

For example: I really loved our day at Abington Park Museum when Catherine, our guide, told us the story of Annie Meekins the little Victorian maid. The objects she used to bring the story to life really helped me to imagine what it was like to be a working child in Victorian times.