Blog your thoughts!

Children, please comment on what you thought about our Victorian topic (ike we talked about in class).

What did you enjoy learning about the most?

What helped you with your learning?

What would you like to have learned about that we didn’t cover?

For example: I really loved our day at Abington Park Museum when Catherine, our guide, told us the story of Annie Meekins the little Victorian maid. The objects she used to bring the story to life really helped me to imagine what it was like to be a working child in Victorian times.

6 thoughts on “Blog your thoughts!

  1. I liked learning about Annie and how she went to work even though she was a tiny bit older than we are.

    The museum and the Victorian day helped me to learn what it was like.

  2. I really enjoyed the topic because I liked taking part in the Victorian drill when we had to exercise your arms and legs. The teacher barked orders at us! The Victorian topic helped us understand how real Victorians behaved. I would have liked to learn more about Christmas and food.

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