Monthly Archives: May 2015


Simon, from the County Council, came to talk to us about being safe on line this afternoon.

 Can you remember his ” top-tips” for keeping safe on line ? 

Parents, don’ t forget there is a workshop for parents/ carers this evening ( Wednesday 20th) to explore E- Safety.



A parachute has landed! 

A parachute carry a mysterious package landed on our school field this afternoon! 

It contained a letter and a backpack full of everything a person would need if they were going on an exciting adventure!

The letter invited us to go and explore an enchanted kingdom in a far away land!

What could this mean?

How can we find out? 



Many, many thanks for all the books and objects the children have brought in to share as part of our topic on dinosaurs.

The children have really enjoyed using the non- fiction books to research new facts and we have marvelled at the age and beauty of the precious fossils that we have seen.

This week we will talk about why dinosaurs became extinct.

Children, do you have any ideas why? 



On Tuesday afternoon the children visited Year 1, Matilda class, to read the riddles they had created.  Year 1 asked what riddles were but we could see that they quickly got the idea that there was a set of clues to an object and their job was to try and solve the riddle! 

As you can see from the picture, Mrs Holland enjoyed listening to and trying to solve the riddles too!