# The Enchanted Kingdom 

The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry  

In literacy we have been exploring the setting of the rainforest, and the problems that rainforests are facing, using drama and writing inspired by the story of The Great Kapok Tree.

Following on from a drama activity, the children wrote complex sentences to describe the rainforest setting. This involved starting a sentence  with a “where” phrase and using a comma to split this phrase up from the rest of the sentence. Harry wrote,

” In the cool rainforest, a slippery vine was swaying” 

We  then used drama to explore what the animal characters and tree might  have been thinking when the man made the first gash in the tree trunk.

Can you tell who was being the tree and who was being the snake? 

On each page of the story there is an important message from an animal who lives near the kapok tree. They whisper their message in the sleeping man’s ear. 

So far we have heard from the snake, the bee and the monkey as to why the tree should not be cut down. 

Children, can you remember the animal’s messages? Why is it important to save the tree?


2 thoughts on “# The Enchanted Kingdom 

  1. Mrs Souter the book has been great so far!
    I have enjoyed the acting ,the literacy that we have been doing.

  2. I think that the boys in the photo are being the tree and the girls are the snakes. Aidan Crookes; Simba class.

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