#The Enchanted Kingdom

Here is an update on our work in year 2 on The Enchanted Kingdom.

After the exciting news that our realm was  ‘Mysterious Forests’ we began to think about what we already knew about forests and what might be special about forests in Africa.

We discovered that near the equator in Africa there are forests named rain forests, homes to mysterious plants and creatures- some discovered, some yet to be discovered! We worked in groups to decide what we would like to know about this kingdom far away.


Each group used the search engines on the Internet to research different aspects of the rainforest. This included locating the countries where the rainforest is found, what the weather is like and how it affects what grows in the forest and the wonderful creatures that live in the different parts of the forest.


We have also discovered that rain forests are described as having four different layers . Children, see if you can remember what each layer is called and the type of creatures that live in each layer.

We enjoyed recreating the forest floor using materials found in our own school forest! 


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