Mysterious Forests

Our Enchanted Kingdom project based around “Mysterious Forests” was completed with a marvellous day of celebrations on Thursday. In the morning, a group of year 2 children presented an overview of our work to an audience of Key Stage One children and special guests. All the children in the class had contributed to making the slides and writing the words for our presentation.  I was so proud of the way our “presenters” confidently stood in front our guests to share our ideas and work.

In the afternoon, it was so lovely to welcome mums, dads, nans and grandads into our classroom to see the super home learning projects on display, alongside the art work on our walls and individual work in our topic books.

Many thanks for all the donations for the biscuits decorated by the children. The money will go towards helping to make our school grounds a safer and more friendly environment for the dwindling hedgehog population.

Children, what did you enjoy learning about during our work on the rainforest and what helped you with your learning? I’d like to hear from you!

( PS-apologises but the glitch on my blog means I am unable to attach pictures)

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