Read, Read, Read!

Mr Rees shared a lovely poster in an assembly with us that read-

Ten ways to improve your reading

Read, read, read, read, read, read, read, read, read, read!

This was accompanied by pictures of the different types of reading that are all around us to enjoy- ranging from sharing books at bed-time, reading a comic, instructions on how to play a game to the writing that we find on signs and notices all around us.

We know that many of the children read very regularly at home by the way they discuss and read aloud their books aloud. The pleasure the children gain from their reading is lovely to see and their responses to the stories we share in class are delightful.

In year 2, we would be grateful if you could record in your child’s diary all the reading you do at home please- this may be your child’s scheme book or otherwise. This doesn’t need to be a long comment but a date, initial and an outline of the type of reading would be lovely. We have discussed with the children how good it would be to see reading entries in their diary three times or more a week.

Thank you and happy reading! 

10 thoughts on “Read, Read, Read!

  1. I would not want to live in Victorian times because I don’t like doing the washing in the washing machine any way so doing it hand way would be worse.

  2. The finger tips in the victorian times are very interesting because when you start fidgeting the teacher would tell them off and put their fingers behind their back.

  3. They didn’t have much money . They were very poor. They would have to wear finger stockings when they were fidgeting to make them sit up straight.

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