Monthly Archives: January 2016


We looked at real objects and identified where we could see arrays. We could see that each row and column had equal amounts and we could count in ‘lots of’to find out how many there were altogether. 

We wrote multiplication sentences to match our arrays and noticed that when we turned the array around we still had the same answer. 

2 x 3 had the same answer as  3 x 2 ( this is called the commutative law) 

Victorian Objects

We have been exploring real and replica objects from Victorian times.

Some of the  objects looked very like things we use today and others were very puzzling as to what they were or how they worked!

Look at the pictures below and see if you can try and think of possible answers to some of the questions.

What do you think this is?

Why do you think that?

What might it have been used for?

How is it similar or different to an object you have in your home today?

How could you find out exactly what the object is?

Who might have used it?