Pumpkin soup tasting!

Today as part of our maths lesson the children enjoyed tasting some pumpkin soup. We then thought of some adjectives to describe the soup and used 4 words to make a survey and tally our results. We had to decide if we thought the soup was ‘good’, ‘tasty’, ‘disgusting’ or ‘spicy’.

Harry E. “I thought the soup would be disgusting but actually it was really nice!”
Emily, “It looks like baby food!”
Nathaniel, “I was a bit scared because it smelled.”

We then used our survey data to create our own pumpkin pictograms to show the results. We used a key to show that 1 pumpkin symbol represented 2 children’s votes, so this required us to think carefully when drawing our pictograms to ensure it showed the correct data.

Well done Ennis class, most of your pumpkin pictograms were very clear and accurate.
We hope you enjoy your half term break. Let us know if you do any pumpkin carving or cooking 🙂



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