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Investigating Micro-habitats

This afternoon Ennis class have been investigating micro-habitats in the school playground.
We went outside to explore the different habitats, to try and see what might live in them and how we could describe them using interesting adjectives.
We found insects living in the bushes, birds in the trees, worms in the soil and we think there must be something living in the pond!

Can you remember what the word ‘micro’ means? Have you got any micro-habitats in your back garden? What lives there? What is the habitat like?




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Dogger is missing!

This week in Ennis class we have been reading the story ‘Dogger’ by Shirley Hughes.

We have been acting out parts of the story and using drama to help us understand how the characters might be feeling and have been making decisions as to what might happen next.

So far we have got to the part of the story where Dave has realised he has lost Dogger and he misses him very much. 🙁

We put ourselves into role as the other characters and thought about how we might help him.

Mum “I will buy him an ice-cream to cheer him up” (Tyler F)
“I will look under the bed to find Dogger” (Daniel)
Dad “I will buy him a new toy dog” (Jake P)
“I’m going to search in the basement” (Kian)
“I’m going to search the whole town until we find Dogger!”
Bella “I will help him search for Dogger” (Freya)

Then today we decided to make some ‘missing’ posters to help find Dogger.


I wonder where Dogger could be?
I do hope Dave finds him soon!