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Whole School Home Learning.

Shakespeare Key Skills

As you know we will be having a whole school theme based on William Shakepseare’s The Tempest beginning on January 5th.

In preparation for this we are asking that all children in the school take some time over the Christmas holiday to complete key skills titled;

‘Who was William Shakespeare?’

You may want to find out where Shakespeare lived, information about some of his famous plays, learn a quote, investigate what life was like when he was alive etc. This is open and up to you and your child. How this is produced is also open. You could; make a poster, create a powerpoint, write an auto biography, retell a play, take photographs etc.

The home learning needs to be brought back to school on January 5th and it will be shared with your child’s class.

We hope you enjoy finding out more at home about William Shakespeare, and look forward to hearing all about what you have learnt.

Mrs Souter & Mrs Read 🙂