Visitor in Year 2

Today, we were lucky to have Mr Richards visit Year 2 to talk to us about his job with the fire service.

After discussing fire safety in the home, he made all of the children ‘fire protection officers’. The children have been tasked with checking their fire alarms in their homes. He explained that we should test our fire alarms each week to ensure they are working.

On the playground, the children acted out the Great Fire of London and explored how wind and the material of the houses were the main cause for the fire spreading.

The children were then allowed to try on a fire fighters uniform. We discussed how the uniform keeps a firefighter safe. Can you remember how the uniform keeps the firefighter safe?

All of the adults were really proud of the children’s knowledge of The Great Fire of London and fire safety.

Well done Year 2!





One thought on “Visitor in Year 2

  1. Yuvraj says firstly the Helmet keeps the face and head safe. The jacket has a yellow stripe which helps the firefighters see each other in the dark. Yuvraj says they also have metal pads on the trousers which protects them if they crawl and the boots also have metal plates to protect them from stepping on sharp objects like nails .

    Yuvraj really enjoyed the visit

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