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A wonderful term in Year 2

It has been a wonderful term in Year 2! The children work incredibly hard in all areas of their learning. Some of the highlights have been:

Getting ready to start joining in Kinetic Letters.

Borrowing books from the Year 2 book list.

Finding out fractions of amounts.

Learning to tell the time.

Finding out about our topic The Great Fire of London.

Taking part in a singing afternoon and performing ‘Wonder’ to the whole school.

Our visit from a Fire Protection Office.

Taking part in SDS bake off.

Designing, making and evaluating a Tudor house.

The final highlight came this afternoon, when the whole year group came together and we created our own ‘Pudding Lane’. The children put their houses close together and a fire started…

Well done to all children for a brilliant term with lots of learning. Enjoy your half term and I can’t wait to hear all about it soon.

Mrs Chamberlain






Visitor in Year 2

Today, we were lucky to have Mr Richards visit Year 2 to talk to us about his job with the fire service.

After discussing fire safety in the home, he made all of the children ‘fire protection officers’. The children have been tasked with checking their fire alarms in their homes. He explained that we should test our fire alarms each week to ensure they are working.

On the playground, the children acted out the Great Fire of London and explored how wind and the material of the houses were the main cause for the fire spreading.

The children were then allowed to try on a fire fighters uniform. We discussed how the uniform keeps a firefighter safe. Can you remember how the uniform keeps the firefighter safe?

All of the adults were really proud of the children’s knowledge of The Great Fire of London and fire safety.

Well done Year 2!





Year 2 Presentation Pieces

Year 2 can’t wait to welcome you all on Friday morning to our special Hamlet showcase.

The children have worked incredibly hard by producing a piece of written work which is written in first person as the guard. They have also added a pencil drawing of their favourite part of the castle.

We look forward to seeing you on Friday.

Year 2

Letters to Horatio

Today the children had to write letters to Horatio (Hamlet’s best friend) telling him about the guards frightening experience. The children had to make sure they did the following things:

  • Write in first person.
  • Write in the past tense.
  • Use adjectives to add detail.
  • Use verbs to say what happened.
  • Use adverbs to say how it happened.
  • Use rhetorical questions.
  • Use exclamations.

We were SO impressed with your writing.


A great week back…

Well done Year 2 on a fabulous first week back.

This week in English, we have been learning all about the features of Non-fiction texts. We then used the Non-fiction texts to find out information all about castles. At the end of the week, we wrote a castle information page.

In Art, we have been learning how to draw castles. We had to follow step by step instructions. Follow the link here if you want to carry on practising drawing your castle at home.

In Maths, we have been using pictorial representations to solve addition and subtraction calculations.

I hope you have had a great weekend!

See you tomorrow

Mrs Chamberlain



The Victorians

We have been practising our Victorian performance this week and it is coming along really well. All of the children are singing the songs beautifully and the children that are reading words are starting to say them loudly and clearly.

Just a reminder, please can you bring back the Barnardo’s collection boxes so that we can send them back to Barnardo’s. Thank you to those people who have brought them back and have donated money towards the charity.

Have a go at ‘The Victorian’s Quiz’. Have you remembered the information that we have learnt this term?

Have a lovely weekend.


Anti bullying week

This week in anti bullying week, we have reminded ourselves of  what ‘STOP’ means.

In our writing, the children chose a friend to write about. They had to think about what makes them a good friend. It was so lovely to read about all of the kind and helpful children we have in our class.

We also had a going at complimenting different people in the class. ‘I like that you work hard’. ‘You are always kind’. We spoke about how we felt when we paid someone a compliment. The children said it made them feel good. The person who then received the compliment said they felt happy because someone was kind to them.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs Chamberlain


A brilliant Victorian Day…

Upon entering the classroom this morning, the children soon realised that life as a Victorian child was very different. We started the day with a prayer ‘Thank you for our teachers and our school’. It was then time for a hand and nail inspection… luckily all children had very clean hands and nails.

We learnt how to recite a poem, practiced our handwriting and chanted times tables.

The children couldn’t believe that in the Victorians times the teachers were allowed to use canes on children and that if they got an answer wrong they would have to wear the dunces hat. Some children had a go at wearing the dunces hat and some pretended to misbehave so they got their name onto the cane list!! We found this part of our day rather funny!

It was then time for drill practise outside. This involved lots of marching and stretching. The children said they preferred our PE lessons because they were more fun! We then started to think about different games and toys that Victorian children played with. The children made their own cup and ball game, played with hoops and sticks, made up their own marble games and many more.

All children were absolutely fabulous from start to finish and showed us how mature they can be, understanding of course, that it was all pretend.

Well done on a fantastic first week back and enjoy your weekend!

Mrs C

Victorian Day Friday

We are looking forward to our special Victorian Day on Friday.


Just a reminder….to bring our day to life we would like the children to dress in a Victorian style.

Please do not buy anything especially, for example a shower cap would work well as a mop cap for the girls, boys can tuck their grey school trousers into long socks.

Many thanks

Mrs C