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Year 2- reading competition 100 Books for Everyone.

Congratulations to the 13 children in Ennis Class who have already completed all 15 books to read in Year 2.

A special reward has just been announced…

If all children in Ennis class, hand in their completed sheet then we will have an afternoon of reading including: a DVD of one of the books from the list and reading activities.

Please let me know if you have finished your 15 books and show me your sheet as soon as possible so I can add your name to the list and give you your well deserved certificate.

Keep reading!!!

Mrs Chamberlain

Museum Trip

Today, Year 2 went to the Dinosaur Museum in Woodstock. The children behaved brilliantly and thoroughly enjoyed their day learning about Dinosaurs and fossils. This experience will help us with our writing tomorrow and our learning next term.

Special thanks to our parent helpers who helped with the trip today.

Year Two Team

Year 2 SATS- well done!

This week, we want to say a huge well done to all children in Year 2.

Image result for well done

The children completed their SATS test this week and did so with a smile. We are incredibly proud of their positive ‘can do’ attitude and determination to do well.

We hope you have enjoyed your weekend in the sun and look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

Year 2 Team


Year 2 Art

This term, the children have been learning about different artists in their Art lessons.

We started off finding out about Vincent Van Gogh and looked at lots of his famous paintings. We decided to recreate his sunflower picture. The children practised drawing sunflowers in their sketch books and then drew it on an A3 piece of paper. Then, the children used powder paints to paint their picture. We will be sharing their paintings with you soon! They are fabulous!!!

Image result for vincent van gogh sunflowers

This afternoon, we started to learn about another artist called David Hockney. We discussed the similarities and differences between the two artists and looked at one of his pieces in more detail. The children practised sketching the below picture in their sketch book using pencil dictionary skills to add more detail.



Year 2

Year Two have had a great few weeks back at school. Here’s what we have been up to so far…

In Maths, we have been recapping our calculation work on addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and fractions.

In English, we have started a new story about a boy called Tom and his grandfather who live in a lighthouse. We will be finding out the title of the book this week and the many adventures that they go on.

In Reading, we are continuing to work on the following skills: locating facts and details, inference, word meanings and sequencing.

In History, we have been learning about our local History of Northampton.

In Art, we have been learning about the artist Vincent Van Gogh and his famous painting ‘Sunflowers’.

In Science, we have been learning about Plants.

This term, the children will be sitting their KS1 SATS in Reading, Maths and Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar. The children have worked incredibly hard since joining Year 2 and we can’t wait to see how brilliantly they do!


  • Year 2 shoe experience (Tues 8th May)
  • Year 2 trip to the museum (Tues 22nd May)

If you haven’t already paid for the shoe experience or museum trip, please do so as soon as possible.

I hope you have had a lovely weekend and look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Mrs Chamberlain



A wonderful term in Year 2

It has been a wonderful term in Year 2! The children work incredibly hard in all areas of their learning. Some of the highlights have been:

Getting ready to start joining in Kinetic Letters.

Borrowing books from the Year 2 book list.

Finding out fractions of amounts.

Learning to tell the time.

Finding out about our topic The Great Fire of London.

Taking part in a singing afternoon and performing ‘Wonder’ to the whole school.

Our visit from a Fire Protection Office.

Taking part in SDS bake off.

Designing, making and evaluating a Tudor house.

The final highlight came this afternoon, when the whole year group came together and we created our own ‘Pudding Lane’. The children put their houses close together and a fire started…

Well done to all children for a brilliant term with lots of learning. Enjoy your half term and I can’t wait to hear all about it soon.

Mrs Chamberlain






Visitor in Year 2

Today, we were lucky to have Mr Richards visit Year 2 to talk to us about his job with the fire service.

After discussing fire safety in the home, he made all of the children ‘fire protection officers’. The children have been tasked with checking their fire alarms in their homes. He explained that we should test our fire alarms each week to ensure they are working.

On the playground, the children acted out the Great Fire of London and explored how wind and the material of the houses were the main cause for the fire spreading.

The children were then allowed to try on a fire fighters uniform. We discussed how the uniform keeps a firefighter safe. Can you remember how the uniform keeps the firefighter safe?

All of the adults were really proud of the children’s knowledge of The Great Fire of London and fire safety.

Well done Year 2!





Year 2 Presentation Pieces

Year 2 can’t wait to welcome you all on Friday morning to our special Hamlet showcase.

The children have worked incredibly hard by producing a piece of written work which is written in first person as the guard. They have also added a pencil drawing of their favourite part of the castle.

We look forward to seeing you on Friday.

Year 2

Letters to Horatio

Today the children had to write letters to Horatio (Hamlet’s best friend) telling him about the guards frightening experience. The children had to make sure they did the following things:

  • Write in first person.
  • Write in the past tense.
  • Use adjectives to add detail.
  • Use verbs to say what happened.
  • Use adverbs to say how it happened.
  • Use rhetorical questions.
  • Use exclamations.

We were SO impressed with your writing.


A great week back…

Well done Year 2 on a fabulous first week back.

This week in English, we have been learning all about the features of Non-fiction texts. We then used the Non-fiction texts to find out information all about castles. At the end of the week, we wrote a castle information page.

In Art, we have been learning how to draw castles. We had to follow step by step instructions. Follow the link here if you want to carry on practising drawing your castle at home.

In Maths, we have been using pictorial representations to solve addition and subtraction calculations.

I hope you have had a great weekend!

See you tomorrow

Mrs Chamberlain