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Learning about Shabbat

On Thursday we welcomed our Jewish visitor who taught us all about Shabbat.

Here is what we learned:

Jewish people have a Sabbath time called Shabbat where from Friday at sunset until Saturday (for 25 hours) Jewish people rest and do not do any form of work just like God did when he created the world in 6 days and then rested on the 7th day. Therefore, for Jewish children, they are not allowed to do their homework when it is Shabbat.

Our visitor read some prayers that they say before eating and after lighting Shabbat candles. She explained that these prayers are said in a language called Hebrew. We learned that you read Hebrew writing differently to how we read our words. Hebrew writing is read from right to left not left to right.

During Shabbat our visitor showed us the bread that is eaten. This bread is called challah. The bread is sweet like honey and she said that the bread is sweet because sweetness reminds us of happiness just like the happiness that Jewish people have by believing in God. Most of us tried the bread and nearly all of us thought it was delicious.

Our visitor also showed us the clothes that Jewish people wear. She explained that some Jewish men and boys always wear a kippah (which is a skullcap which is worn to show that God is above us) all the time but some Jewish men and boys just wear a kippah during special times like Shabbat.

It has been great to learn about Judaism children. Have a go at the quiz and see how much you can remember about Judaism.


Ennis: Maths Group Work



Today in maths the children were given a groups task. Each group was provided with a piece of sugar paper, pens, glue, 100 squares and two sets of sequencing cards.

First, the children had to prepare their paper so they could put their question sequencing cards into 4 sections. Working on each problem at a time, the children used their 100 square to work out how many jumps forwards or backwards until the next number in the sequence. They had to then work out the rule for the sequence- some were adding and some were subtracting sequences. The children discovered there was going to be a section for: subtracting 2 number sequence, subtracting 3 number sequences, adding 4 number sequences and adding 5 number sequences.

Then, the children were allowed to work on the next set of sequence cards. The children had to work out the rule for the sequence and put it in the correct section.

Finally, the children had to work out what the next number would be in each sequence making sure that they followed the rule carefully.

The children thought they were successful because they worked together and listened to each other’s ideas. They identified the rule for each sequence accurately and used the resources to aid their understanding.


A brilliant week in Ennis class…

As a class we talked together about books that were special to us and the reasons why they were special to us. Mrs Chamberlain showed us a photograph book that was special to her because it brought back special memories. Some other people said that their special books were their favourite books to read because they enjoyed reading them. Next we talked about what a special book would be for someone who was a Christian and we all agreed that it would be a bible. We also discovered that a special book for a Muslim is called the Koran.

After we talked about different special books, we found out that the Torah is a special holy book for Jewish people. The Torah has a mixture of holy Jewish stories and rules which Jewish people follow to lead a good life. We learned that these rules are called ‘The Ten Commandments’. As a class, we then discussed what rules we would like to follow to lead a happy life. Then we each designed our own Torah and wrote down our own rules that we would like to follow to have a happy life.


Shakespeare – The Tempest

It has been an exciting start back for the new year in Ennis class this week, and it has been so lovely to see the children so interested and enthusiastic about our new topic.
We have been very impressed with the children’s knowledge about Shakespeare already from their home learning, and enjoyed exploring everything about Shakespeare yesterday whilst dressed up as different characters. The children particularly enjoyed taking part in a story ‘whoosh’ in which they took turns to be different characters and act out scenes from Shakespeare plays such as ‘Romeo & Juliet’, ‘Macbeth’, and ‘A Midsummers Nights Dream’.
The children also worked well together in pairs to create a timeline of Shakespeare’s life by ordering dates and important events.

Today we started our day by boarding an old wooden ship and set sail to a far away island, unfortunately though on the way there the weather turned and we had to sail through a terrible storm! The children were brilliant at following the captains orders and learnt some of the phrases to say. Then at the end if the day, after being introduced to the story of the ‘Tempest’ throughout the day, we were lucky enough to be able to watch a live performance of the Tempest which we all really enjoyed.

We hope you have enjoyed your first two days back at school Ennis class, and that you are looking forward to learning more through our topic this term, ‘The Tempest’.







Whole School Home Learning.

Shakespeare Key Skills

As you know we will be having a whole school theme based on William Shakepseare’s The Tempest beginning on January 5th.

In preparation for this we are asking that all children in the school take some time over the Christmas holiday to complete key skills titled;

‘Who was William Shakespeare?’

You may want to find out where Shakespeare lived, information about some of his famous plays, learn a quote, investigate what life was like when he was alive etc. This is open and up to you and your child. How this is produced is also open. You could; make a poster, create a powerpoint, write an auto biography, retell a play, take photographs etc.

The home learning needs to be brought back to school on January 5th and it will be shared with your child’s class.

We hope you enjoy finding out more at home about William Shakespeare, and look forward to hearing all about what you have learnt.

Mrs Souter & Mrs Read 🙂

Investigating Micro-habitats

This afternoon Ennis class have been investigating micro-habitats in the school playground.
We went outside to explore the different habitats, to try and see what might live in them and how we could describe them using interesting adjectives.
We found insects living in the bushes, birds in the trees, worms in the soil and we think there must be something living in the pond!

Can you remember what the word ‘micro’ means? Have you got any micro-habitats in your back garden? What lives there? What is the habitat like?




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Dogger is missing!

This week in Ennis class we have been reading the story ‘Dogger’ by Shirley Hughes.

We have been acting out parts of the story and using drama to help us understand how the characters might be feeling and have been making decisions as to what might happen next.

So far we have got to the part of the story where Dave has realised he has lost Dogger and he misses him very much. 🙁

We put ourselves into role as the other characters and thought about how we might help him.

Mum “I will buy him an ice-cream to cheer him up” (Tyler F)
“I will look under the bed to find Dogger” (Daniel)
Dad “I will buy him a new toy dog” (Jake P)
“I’m going to search in the basement” (Kian)
“I’m going to search the whole town until we find Dogger!”
Bella “I will help him search for Dogger” (Freya)

Then today we decided to make some ‘missing’ posters to help find Dogger.


I wonder where Dogger could be?
I do hope Dave finds him soon!

Pumpkin soup tasting!

Today as part of our maths lesson the children enjoyed tasting some pumpkin soup. We then thought of some adjectives to describe the soup and used 4 words to make a survey and tally our results. We had to decide if we thought the soup was ‘good’, ‘tasty’, ‘disgusting’ or ‘spicy’.

Harry E. “I thought the soup would be disgusting but actually it was really nice!”
Emily, “It looks like baby food!”
Nathaniel, “I was a bit scared because it smelled.”

We then used our survey data to create our own pumpkin pictograms to show the results. We used a key to show that 1 pumpkin symbol represented 2 children’s votes, so this required us to think carefully when drawing our pictograms to ensure it showed the correct data.

Well done Ennis class, most of your pumpkin pictograms were very clear and accurate.
We hope you enjoy your half term break. Let us know if you do any pumpkin carving or cooking 🙂




This afternoon we had a very exciting Science lesson as we were cutting open some pumpkins to find out what was inside!

Before we opened the pumpkin, some of us guessed what might be inside. Suggestions included; ‘orange stuff’, ‘seeds’, ‘string like cobwebs’, and ‘orange coloured juice’.

When we cut open the pumpkin some of the children were surprised by what we found. We looked at each part separately and discussed its name and purpose. We then placed labels on the pumpkin to identify each part.

The children then had time to go and explore their own pumpkins in a small group using their senses. Some of us really enjoyed putting our hands inside the pumpkin, or using a spoon to scrape out the seeds.

After we had washed our hands we used the magnifying glasses to take a closer look at some parts, and then completed our own diagrams to show and label the inside of a pumpkin.


I hope you enjoyed exploring the pumpkins Ennis class. Tomorrow we are hoping to taste some pumpkin soup!

If you would like to watch the video about the pumpkin life cycle again, and learn the song, click here.

See you tomorrow for some more exciting learning around pumpkins!

Mrs Read 🙂

Busy Week in Ennis Class

What a busy week we have had!

Thank you to all of the parents and children who came to their TLC appointment this week, we really enjoyed meeting all of the parents and sharing the children’s learning so far this year. We hope you did too.

Ennis class have been very busy this week, in maths we have been looking at number sequences and patterns and have been continuing our place value work. Our working wall currently shows all of the different ways we can show a number using the various resources in Year 2. Which resource do you like to work with to help you with your counting and place value work?


In English we have been reading ‘Pumpkin soup’ and have been using different drama techniques to bring the pages to life and give us some ideas for our writing.  Which drama technique have you enjoyed the most? Which character were you and what did you say?

img_6718   img_6720

Then this afternoon in Science we have been learning about the life cycle of frogs. If you would like to watch the video again at home, click here.

Well done for working hard this week Ennis class. Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Read and Mrs Souter 🙂